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We can take  paper forms like these   and convert them into electronic forms that you can work with  on  your computer.


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We understand how your target audience thinks.  When someone arrives at your website and isn't instantly captivated, they will be gone within seconds never to return again.  Our full-service Austin website design is unparalleled, offering the best in logos, animation, flash and database. 

When it comes to the look and feel of your website, first impressions count for everything.  A visually appealing website captures the eye of the user immediately; an instantaneous judgment will be made by the user.  People form first impressions in an instant, which is why you may be in the market for an Austin website design company capable of creating an exceptional online presence for your business.

Even though artistic design is simply the "look" of a website, this often carries over in to whether the user finds your site useful and credible.  In order for your website to do its job good color, design and layout are essential along with user-friendly navigation. 

You may offer the best products or services in the world, but unless you make a great initial impression chances are a potential customer will not be around long enough to see what you have to offer.  When your website offers visual appeal and makes a profound impact initially, you will experience greater success.  At Smalley Web Solutions, our Austin web design company knows the importance of a great website.

If you have ever visited a website that immediately turned you off with its colors, design or layout, you know that this is not what you want for your business.  We have all witnessed websites that are bland, boring or downright ugly.  While it may have nothing to do with the product or service offered by the company, the design can send us away before we ever give the product/service a chance. 

When you want exceptional Austin website design or e forms design for your small business, count on Smalley Web Solutions to go above and beyond your expectations.  We offer affordable solutions and results you can depend on to drive your business to the top. 
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Smalley Web Solutions has been involved in Texas website design for over three years. In April of 2009, we moved to Austin, Texas where we have been involved in the Austin website design market for over two years. Our e-form design service just recently became one of our more important and in demand services. Smalley Web Solutions can be reached at  email:  franklinsmalley@yahoo.com  or  512-623-7202
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Search Engine Friendly Pages

There is no point in building a website unless there are visitors coming in. A major source of traffic for most sites on the Internet is search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Altavista and so on. Hence, by designing a search engine friendly site, you will be able to rank easily in search engines and obtain more visitors.
Our Austin web design office will always use the best SEO strategy for your website.

Major search engines use programs called crawlers or robots to index websites to list on their search result pages. They follow links to a page, reads the content of the page and record it in their own database, pulling up the listing as people search for it. Here at our Austin web design office, we will make sure your site is optimized for your keywords.

If you want to make your site indexed easily, you should avoid using frames on your website. Frames will only confuse search engine robots and they might even abandon your site because of that. Moreover, frames make it difficult for users to bookmark a specific page on your site without using long, complicated scripts. Our Austin web design office never uses frames in designing our clients websites.

Do not present important information in Flash movies or in images. Search engine robots can only read text on your source code so if you present important words in Flash movies and images rather than textual form, your search engine ranking will be affected dramatically. Our Austin web design office labels all images with text so the search engines can read them.

Use meta tags accordingly on each and every page of your site so that search engine robots know at first glance what that particular page is about and whether or not to index it. By using meta tags, you are making the search engine robot's job easier so they will crawl and index your site more frequently. We always implant proper meta tags in our designs here at Austin web design.

Stop using wrong HTML tags like <font> to style your page. Use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) instead because they are more effective and efficient. By using CSS, you can eliminate redundant HTML tags and make your pages much lighter and faster to load.

Make It Easy To Buy From Your Site

Convincing your prospects to purchase from you is a hard job, but have you ever thought that you're making the process twice as difficult for both parties if your prospects are convinced but don't know how to buy from you? No matter how good you are at convincing your prospects, they won't buy if they find the process cumbersome. Our Austin web design office always provide our clients with the best method of payment for their clients.

First, you will want to check that people can find your order form easily and hassle-free. You can write a clear, concise paragraph to direct your prospects to your order form so that you can minimize the chances of them getting lost. You can also reduce the chances of losing prospects by putting a prominent link to your order page from every other page on your site.

Also, do you offer multiple payment options? Some people may feel comfortable paying via PayPal, some may only want to pay with their credit card and others might want to send a cheque. The more options you offer, the better your chances of covering your prospects' desired payment method. After all, it wouldn't make any sense to sell hard to a prospect only to find that they won't be able to pay you when they want to.

Alternatively, you can add customer testimonials, your contact information, address, and so on to boost your prospects' confidence. Make them feel safe about buying something from you, a total stranger to them on the other end of the Internet.

As a conclusion, it would be very pitiful if you sold hard and sold well to a prospect and something goes wrong when he or she is ready to pay. Eliminate any chances of that to maximize your profits!


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